Infographic: Content Marketing Investment

By Kristen Kremkau

The data is in! B2B marketers are making big investments in content this year. Curious to know how much they’re investing and what they’re making? In our eBook, To Gate, or Not to Gate? That’s Not the Question, we present the latest trends. Read on to learn more.

In To Gate, or Not to Gate? That’s Not the Question, we explore how B2B marketers can deliver even greater impact for their brands and businesses by shifting the focus of content marketing from demand generation to value creation. Get our complimentary eBook now.

Kristen Kremkau Director of Content

With over a decade of experience creating award-winning content on both the agency and client sides, Kristen leads Park & Battery’s content team, overseeing everything from strategy to execution. Kristen has helped brands from a number of industries bring their content to the next level, including: technology, pharma/biotech, financial services, retail, food & beverage, and aviation (to name just a few). Her client experience includes Boeing, HSBC, WW, Trelleborg, ABB, Merck and IQVIA, among many others.

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