New eBook: To Gate, or Not to Gate? That’s Not the Question.

By Ted and Mike

Feel like you’ve been spinning for too long on the MQL Hamster Wheel, chasing prospects who aren’t ready to purchase? Have you been measuring the success of your content marketing by the number of qualified leads, clicks, plays, and downloads?  Jump off the wheel and step away from the spreadsheet for a second – and read our newest eBook.

To Gate, or Not to Gate? That’s Not the Question. explores the shifting focus of content marketing from solely education and demand generation to value creation. You’ll read firsthand insights and best practices from top B2B marketers who are experiencing huge success after shifting their approach to content marketing.

  • Learn frameworks for producing high-performing content at scale across the buyer journey
  • Find out which formats are most popular with B2B audiences – and most effective at different buyer stages
  • See how Indico Data increased sales opportunities by 10x with targeted content
  • Discover how Esquire Bank (NASDAQ: ESQ) generates 50% of its clients from hyper-personalized digital marketing initiatives

Read our new eBook now (and to answer your question… no, it’s not gated).

Download your copy now.

Ted and Mike Agency Founders

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