Park & Battery Joins BBN, the World’s Leading B2B Agency Partnership

By Ted and Mike

Park & Battery is proud to announce that we’ve joined BBN, the world’s leading independent partnership of international B2B communication agencies, giving us an even stronger foundation for growth and service for our global clients.

Our global agency is now global-er

The P&B growth journey has been a rocket ride. As of the new year, and on the verge of our third year in operation, the agency now has teammates in 16 states across America and in three additional countries: Canada, Scotland and England. Working with large multi-national enterprises, hypergrowth companies and international clients looking to launch/expand in the U.S., we recognize the need to scale even more quickly – and to do so with the confidence that we’re working with talented experts who share our values, our commitment to excellence, and who generally kick ass at strategy, creativity and agency culture. 

BBN enables us to do just that. Since 1987, BBN has been providing a wealth of B2B experience in practically every major B2B capital of the world. This unique partnership is a fully integrated global group of interconnected B2B agencies with:

  • 1,200+ B2B specialists in 63 offices in 30+ countries 
  • 500+ clients collectively from 23 different B2B sectors
  • Hundreds of millions of dollars in global billings

For more than three decades, agencies across the globe have worked together through BBN to deliver brand strategy, public relations, marketing and creative services to ensure award-winning results for clients worldwide. Its partners make it a vibrant organization, bursting with energy and enthusiasm for what they do. 

One award-winning B2B agency after another

To say that we are in esteemed company with BBN is an understatement. Park & Battery was named a B2B agency of the year twice in 2023 and won more than two dozen awards for B2B marketing creativity and effectiveness – often times alongside several other BBN agencies! We are excited to now be working together with these elite agencies to give our clients and BBN’s clients a true best-in-class agency offering. 

Ted and Mike Agency Founders

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