Park & Battery Joins Forces with Children’s Music Fund for ‘Music Makes Us Better’ Campaign

By Ted and Mike

At Park & Battery, we’re always tuned in to supporting great causes. And, as we welcome the holiday season, our spirits are high with the joy of giving. This year, we’re thrilled to announce our partnership with The Children’s Music Fund (CMF) for an inspiring new campaign.

Introducing the ‘Music Makes Us Better’ initiative – a heartfelt endeavor to spotlight Music Therapy as a vital form of healing and care. CMF, celebrated for providing Music Therapy programs for children at no cost, is leading this nationwide effort to enhance awareness and generate support for the remarkable benefits of Music Therapy.

It’s truly music to our ears to be part of such a meaningful cause.

About the campaign

The ‘Music Makes Us Better’ campaign aims to increase awareness and adoption of Music Therapy as a crucial form of treatment to help children tackle serious health challenges. As a first national endeavor for the organization, the campaign seeks to establish Music Therapy as a universally acknowledged treatment covered by insurance, equating it with other recognized physical and mental therapies.

“The benefits of Music Therapy are immense, yet it’s true essence is not always understood by the public or even healthcare professionals and insurers. This therapy is more than just a momentary aid for children in need. It equips them with lasting coping mechanisms to handle ongoing challenges from chronic illnesses or complex medical conditions. Music Therapy is not merely about playing an instrument; it’s a synergistic blend of creativity, collaboration, and therapeutic intervention.”

Tracey Burnett, Executive Director, Children’s Music Fund

The campaign’s creative dimension

The campaign includes a compelling 10-minute documentary on Music Therapy, alongside real-life profiles of patients and therapists, all filmed at the historic Village Studios in Los Angeles.

Highlights of the initiative

A Fresh Identity: With the campaign, CMF unveils its new brand identity – a heart and musical note intertwined, symbolizing the core values of passion, humanity, and musical healing.

The Essence of Music Therapy: Administered by certified Music Therapists, this therapy encompasses creating, singing, and moving to music, addressing a broad spectrum of physical, emotional, and social needs.

Real Stories, Real Impact: The campaign features inspiring stories from CMF families, therapists, and staff, showcasing the tangible benefits of Music Therapy.

Join the cause

For more information or to support this initiative, please visit Together, we can make a difference in the lives of children through the healing power of music.

Ted and Mike Agency Founders

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