RevOps: Are You Ready?

By Karyn Scott

The shift from sales enablement to revenue enablement is palpable. And Gartner predicts that by 2025, 75% of the highest growth companies will deploy a RevOps model. Let’s take a look at what RevOps is, why it’s the way forward for high-performing organizations, and how you can start the journey.

The last several decades have delivered a plethora of technological innovations and new tools to help streamline the way we live, work, learn, play and buy. Consumers are smarter and have access to education and information to inform decision making at their fingertips, keeping businesses on their toes as they battle for the buck and mindshare.

Organizations have struggled internally to keep pace, as marketing, sales and customer success each vie for solutions to meet customer expectations. So many questions – and so many choices for organizations to consider, chiefly among them:

  • How do I stay ahead of my customers so I can continue to inform and delight them?
  • What can we do to present the right products and solutions to the right customers at the right time to facilitate a purchase?
  • What tools do I need in my tech stack to accelerate speed to lead?

The unfortunate result: a turf war where everyone loses. Sales, marketing and customer success teams typically have all created siloed structures with disparate tools to enable their own goals. Budget battles ensue, squaring these teams against each other when they should be aligning around common goals. And IT? Let’s not even go there…

How do we stop the madness? Enter RevOps.

What is RevOps?

Gartner defines Revenue Operations (RevOps) as a framework or methodology to more effectively and efficiently coordinate organizations based on strategy, process, workflow, data, analysis and technology. RevOps aligns people, processes and technology around a set of shared customer and company goals to accelerate revenue, profit and value growth.

No more ‘sales data vs marketing data vs customer success data.’ This enables companies to maximize customer experience and ROI across marketing, sales and customer success.

RevOps is catching on fast; as I mentioned, Gartner predicts three quarters of companies will have a RevOps model by 2025. New org charts and operational processes are taking shape. New titles are emerging. More senior leaders are stepping into the RevOps roles. We’re even seeing dedicated teams at executive recruiting firms formed with exclusive focus on RevOps leaders, such as the practice led by Allison Beach at SPMB.

Are you ready for RevOps?

If you’re starting to consider a RevOps revolution – and at P&B we believe you should be at least considering it – here are three steps we recommend to begin formulating a RevOps strategy for your business:

  1. Benchmark where you are today. There’s a great, free assessment available from our friends at Cattle Dog Digital that’s super helpful in understanding the journey ahead and steps to success as you plan this transition. The assessment provides actionable insights as well as best practices to consider as you plan for transition.
  2. Think about your culture and people. Are they ready for a unified approach? Do the sales ops, marketing ops and IT leaders understand the value in transitioning to a RevOps model? If not, you need to start the internal marketing campaign engine so adoption is easy.
  3. Look under the hood. What’s the state of your martech stack? Is your data accessible and actionable? Do you have the messaging and content to power your campaigns and help support your brothers and sisters in sales and customer success? Park & Battery and I offer a complimentary health check of your existing tools to help identify opportunities to streamline and fuel the process. Drop us a line.

Karyn Scott CMO-In-Residence

As Park & Battery’s CMO In Residence, Karyn Scott is a twenty-five-year marketing executive with leadership experience at technology champions and challengers alike. Karyn acts as a fractional CMO and c-suite advisor for numerous early-stage startups throughout Silicon Valley. Prior to that, Karyn was Chief Marketing Officer at Kloudspot, developers of the first AI-driven situational awareness and intelligence platform, and SVP, Head of Global Marketing at Flexport, the SoftBank-backed, San Francisco-based unicorn freight tech innovator.

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