Say Hello to Our New Team Members

By Ted and Mike

As Park & Battery grows, we continue to add extraordinary talent and experience to our agency staff. Learn more about our new teammates’ expertise—and for extra fun, find out their favorite fandom, too.

Leo Alvarez

Leonel is P&B’s new Senior Animator/Editor, working from Miami. He says he’s most excited about making videos that connect with people and learning a lot from the team to keep creating top-notch content. Prior to joining Park & Battery, Leo’s experience included creating promotional videos and graphics for TV series, news, and music award shows for social media and on-air at a major international television station. Leo took an audible on the alternate universe and chose Harry Potter! He says, “I loved all the movies while I was growing up. It is more than just a story of wizards and witches. You get loyalty, betrayal, action, romance, action, suspense, comedy, sports, women with powerful roles and great character development. What else could you ask for?”

Nicole Petersen

Nicole is our new Project Manager and hails from Brentwood, California. She is a creative project manager and producer and has been in the agency space in the Bay Area for more than 12 years. Her experience includes work as an ad coordinator, print production manager, and an asset producer across all platforms. Her varied client and agency experience will bring a unique perspective to P&B and our clients. Nicole’s enthusiasm for being “in the weeds” will ensure projects run smoothly and effectively. As for her universe of choice, Nicole is an avowed Star Wars fan because it makes her think of her son when he was little, on the floor, building tons of Star Wars Lego sets while watching all the movies. “And who doesn’t love an Ewok??”

Rosie Patrick

Rosie joins us from just outside Glasgow, Scotland, as a copywriter with more than ten years of experience in content and editorial services. For eight years, Rosie was features writer for a major Scottish publishing house, writing predominantly for its consumer titles and taking care of entire sections of its main magazine, namely fashion and travel. From there, she branched out from editorial into copywriting, initially with an in-house role for a prestigious group of Swiss universities and then for a couple of award-winning Scottish agencies, latterly including a specialist travel marketing agency. Her expertise is in long-form writing and editing, and she’s looking forward to writing more eBooks! Rosie says she’s looking forward to working with a wide range of clients so she can step outside her comfort zone a little more. On the space universe front, Rosie says, “I’ve been a Trekker my whole life since it was a permanent fixture on the TV as a child. Next Generation is my bag. Picard is an icon and I’m completely obsessed with how many times Patrick Stewart sneaks Shakespeare in.”

Prashamsa Pandey

Prashamsa hails from Auburn, Alabama, and joined the team as a web developer. She holds a master’s degree in computer science and software engineering from Auburn University. This educational background equips Prashamsa with a comprehensive understanding of software design, development methodologies, and the intricacies of web technologies. Her experience working on research and practical projects during her graduate journey enables her to create tailored solutions that align with clients’ specific needs, ensuring robust and efficient web development. She says her education empowers her to tackle complex challenges, troubleshoot effectively, and innovate in ways that enhance the overall user experience. Take note, though: she avows no allegiance to either Star Wars *or* Star Trek but says she’s open to exploring both. 

Max Lehnert

Max has joined our account management team and is based in NYC. Max brings with him solid communication and problem-solving skills, both of which will make him a good steward of client projects. He also has a natural curiosity that is a great fit for learning more about P&B’s clients and the work we do for them. Max is all in on Star Wars—he even dressed as Jango Fett for Halloween way back in third grade! 

Ted and Mike Agency Founders

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