Get to Know Our VP of Client Services

By Ted and Mike

Say hello to Solomon Gauthier, Vice President of Client Services at Park & Battery. Get to know more about Solomon – from his background in B2C to his aspirations at Park & Battery.

What brought you to Park & Battery?

It all started with a cheeky LinkedIn DM. Fate would have it that I was looking for my next challenge and opportunity, and through a series of calls and meetings (including being in the hot seat for a panel interview), I can say it’s the people. Ted, Mike, Rebecca, and Chad are brilliant, kind, and considerate. Not to mention being part of a growth story. The momentum the agency has is captivating and thrilling. Who doesn’t want to ride a rocket ship?

What are you looking forward to in your new role?

Moving from a more traditional B2C background to B2B, I am excited to bring my brand-building knowledge to this space, helping our client engagements reach new heights. Our leadership team believes in empowering anyone who walks through the doors of the agency, so being a keystone in building and shaping its next chapter is something I am very much looking forward to. 

What led you to pursue a role in client services?

I’ve always found joy in helping people. Whether volunteering with or leading charitable efforts, supporting a friend or family member, and naturally in the workplace on the client services team. Helping others succeed truly brings me happiness, and a core tenet of client services is to be helpful. Be it in finding solutions for challenges big or small, being the strategic red thread for your clients and teams, and at a more senior level in helping others reach their full potential. 

How do you see your role as VP of Client Services driving Park & Battery forward?

We often speak about the growth of the agency in phases or chapters. As Park & Battery moves forward, my task for the next phase is clear, and that is to build on the foundations laid before me and develop a high-performing client services team that can scale with the organization. It’s about leaning into my global experiences and perspectives while challenging myself to learn and grow as well.  

What’s your philosophy for building client relationships?

I think the key word in that question is relationships. My philosophy has always been rooted in developing a deep understanding of my clients as people. What their goals and aspirations are, and what makes them get out of bed each morning. We are a human business, so this emotional understanding is critical to developing true partnerships, and it requires continued effort and time investment to keep it that way. 

What do you love most about the work you do?

What I love about client services is that you get to be in the center of attention without being the center of attention. Perfect for an introverted extrovert like myself. Every day is a puzzle we get to solve, and with all the small wins along the way, it is rather rewarding. 

Ted and Mike Agency Founders

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