Performance. Driven.

Shipping a breakout brand launch

The Challenge

Launch the fresh, new, purpose-driven brand for the company that’s driving ground freight and logistics technology forward.

The Insight

The freight transportation industry is at a crossroads. Rate hikes and demand surges. Capacity crunches. Missed pickups. Skills gaps and talent shortages. Rising sustainability demands. Customers crave to be seen and to know that they have a partner who is s innovating beyond the antiquated operational processes that got them into these logistics messes in the first place.

The Idea

Position Transfix based on its ability to deliver performance at scale for shippers and carriers, and present Transfix’s customers as the supply chain heroes they are.


The “Performance Driven” campaign has launched Transfix’s new brand and Intelligent Freight Platform™, positioning the company that’s revolutionizing supply chain for continued growth and impact. 


higher clickthrough rates than publisher benchmarks


boost in active users and through duration of the campaign


follower growth across social media