Music Makes
Us Better

Turning pro bono impact up to 11.

The Challenge

Raise awareness, drive donations, and help elevate music therapy’s acceptance as a standard form of treatment for sick kids.

The Insight

Featuring CMF families, staff and therapists, demonstrate how music can make children suffering from the effects of a chronic condition or life-altering illness feel better – and feel like they can take on the challenges facing their health.

The Idea

Go on location with music therapists and patients to the renowned Village Studios in Los Angeles, where some of the world’s most famous songs and albums have been recorded, to create a branded documentary, patient and therapist profiles, and a multi-channel campaign that turns up the volume on music therapy.


The campaign was music to everyone’s ears, raising both vital awareness and funding, as well underscoring the significance and dynamism of music therapy.


increase in annual donations


free impressions, donated by our publisher partners


increase in monthly website traffic