Don’t Be Sorry,
Call Ari

Advertising to law firms with law firm advertising.

The Challenge

Facing steep competition from both established big national banks, as well as the status quo of self-funding, Esquire sought to break out through bold, customer-centric advertising and marketing.

The Insight

Lawyers are highly competitive; they look to see what their “smart money” peers are doing and want to always be as good or better than them. The campaign piggybacked on their competitive nature and the fact that lawyers continually look at their competitors’ advertising – on billboards, online, on TV, etc. – to see how they need to keep up.

The Idea

Use the language and culture of law firm advertising to advertise to law firms! The campaign takes on the style of law firm advertising, employing a memorable catchphrase, “Don’t Be Sorry, Call Ari,” and featuring Esquire co-founder and industry luminary Ari Kornhaber.


Esquire Bank’s hyper-personalized B2B marketing approach has become a top case study for leveraging Salesforce Marketing Cloud to execute omni-channel, account-based marketing campaigns.


of law firm lending clients now come from digital marketing initiatives


higher digital and social media response rates than industry average


ROI represented in pipeline generated