Champions of Social Justice

Standing up for those who stand up for others

The Challenge

The legal champions of social justice need champions, too – allies like Esquire Bank, which supports their quest for justice with financing and banking services.

The Insight

Challenge people’s perceptions about lawyers as “ambulance chasers” and show them the vital importance of legal professionals in our society. These people defend the rights of others, stand up against corrupt interests, and hold those who would do wrong accountable for their actions.

The Idea

Ever wondered what the world would be like without lawyers? It’s not a pretty picture. In a parallel universe where lawyers don’t exist, justice isn’t served, and predators run rampant. Which is why we answered questions of who ensures social justice is served, always answering “Trial lawyers, that’s who.”


The campaign generated significant loan growth, marketing influence and revenue. At the same time, the campaign opened opportunities with new and long sought-after firms.  


million impressions


higher clickthrough rates than industry benchmarks


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