Personalize. Maximize.

Creating urgency and energy for AI-driven healthcare.

The Challenge

Establish AI-driven patient experiences as an imperative for pharmaceutical marketers and patient support programs.

The Insight

One out of every nine dollars spent on U.S. healthcare is wasted due to medication nonadherence. Even more costly: the toll on patients’ health. For too long, pharma marketing teams, patient support programs, and hub services have struggled to move the needle on initiation and adherence. AllazoHealth’s opportunity was to align the need for new solutions with their AI’s ability to truly personalize patient experiences in order to maximize budgets and drive positive outcomes.

The Idea

The “Predict. Personalize. Maximize.” rebrand put patients at the center, with a bold, fresh design system that at once demonstrates innovation and conveys the proven performance of Allazo’s solutions.


The AllazoHealth brand relaunch delivered immediate and profound impact in terms of new sales opportunity and pipeline velocity. The future of healthcare is brighter now that it is AI-driven.


leads generated beyond projections


return on advertising spend


higher conversion rates and 3x higher CTR than industry average