The Plan Wizard

Bringing a little magic to FP&A technology.

The Challenge

Create a video and brand idea that would break through the boredom of traditional fintech marketing and bring the innovation of Planwhiz to life.

The Insight

If you’re managing your startup’s finance through spreadsheets, FP&A stands for Frustration Pain & Aggravation. What’s that solution? A single source of financial truth that updates in real time. Automatic consolidation of budgets to create an automatically current P&L. Pre-built algorithms that remove the need to write any manual formulas. Instant reporting and MRR/ARR waterfalls. It’s not sorcery, it’s Planwhiz.

The Idea

Part Gandalf, part Dumbledore, all informative and entertaining, The Plan Wizard leads a fairy tale about the finance lead at a technology startup.


In under a month, the video amassed nearly 30,000 views on YouTube. Considering Planwhiz is a very early-stage startup just building momentum in a very niche market, this is the equivalent of going viral and building awareness and engagement at record pace. The video has been instrumental in helping to drive interest, accelerate deals and build the business.