Holid-A.I. Gift Factory

One of Adweek’s Best Agency Holiday Cards

The Challenge

Build our own agency’s brand, wow our clients, and have some good spirited fun with our agency holiday car.

The Insight

The rise of generative AI and synthetic media was rapid in the waning months of 2022. While AI-generated artwork isn’t new, it’s reached a tipping point in terms of quality and ease of use. Our firm belief was/is that creative professionals start to get comfortable with the idea of “art + copy + code + algorithm.” That’s why we took our own advice and dove headfirst into creating a digital experience that takes advantage of this exciting new technology to share some good, old-fashioned-yet-new-fangled holiday fun.

The Idea

The Park & Battery Holid-A.I. Gift Factory lets users build the perfect gift for their friends, colleagues and loved ones – a piece of custom AI-generated artwork built by our robot elves from your limitless imagination.


The experience delivered against all of our objectives. Clients were delighted and asked us how we can use AI in their projects. Hundreds of users visited The Gift Factory creating thousands of AI art gifts. And we made the coveted list of Adweek’s Best Agency Holiday Cards!